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Protecting your business is complicated. The Genius Insider makes it simple.

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That’s why we’ve created the Genius Insider Program — our exclusive legal membership for startups and scaling business owners who are proactive about building their business, growing their brand, and owning their genius. No more entering into bad contracts or getting hit with refund requests without an air-tight company policy. We’re here to provide you with the ongoing support and protection you need to run your business legally, and confidently.

Legal Subscription for Innovative Entrepreneurs

Legal Subscription for Innovative Entrepreneurs

Worried about protecting the business you worked so hard to build? The Genius Insider allows you to confidently do business knowing you have the support you need to launch legally.

Worried about protecting the business you worked so hard to build? The Genius Insider allows you to confidently do business knowing you have the support you need to launch legally.

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Operate in your realm of genius while we operate in ours!

For almost 10 years  Off the Mark IP Solutions, has provided our clients ongoing brand protection and support through our legal services centered on trademarks, copyrights, contracts, and business strategy. 

Why You Need The Genius Insider

Off the Mark IP Solutions is a boutique intellectual property firm representing high-achieving entrepreneurs -- aka Geniuses -- who are looking to protect their brand and grow their business with ongoing legal support and business mentorship.

A Boutique Intellectual Property Firm Representing High-Achieving Entrepreneurs

In 2014, LaConya Murray, aka The Brand Attorney, trailblazed her way into a field where African American women comprise less than 2% of the industry — intellectual property law. 

She founded Off the Mark IP Solutions (OTM) to fulfill her calling for helping startup and scaling entrepreneurs protect their brand and business through trademark, copyright and contract services coupled with business mentorship.

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