Protect Your Brand & #OwnYourGenius

Protect Your Brand & #OwnYourGenius

Enroll in our Genius Insider legal membership and gain access to unlimited legal advice and resources designed to help you protect, grow and scale your business to 7+ figures.

Tired of “Riding Dirty” in Your Business?

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We Thought So

We Thought So

That’s why we’ve created the Genius Insider Program — our exclusive legal membership for startups and scaling business owners who are proactive about building their business, growing their brand, and owning their genius. No more entering into bad contracts or getting hit with refund requests without an air-tight company policy. We’re here to provide you with the ongoing support and protection you need to run your business legally, and confidently.

The Genius Insider Program is for you if you are:

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Operate in your realm of genius while we operate in ours!

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