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46% of businesses that  fail do so as a result of its owner's incompetence. Mistakes such as business formations that don't further the business purpose, failure to identify and protect valuable assets such as intellectual property, and poorly written contracts that fail to protect and further the business interest destroy small businesses everyday.

Our Purpose

Off the Mark was created to ensure that entrepreneurs and businesses have access to legal advice and counsel during the many phases of their business to help them make strategic choices that will increase both their brand recognition and financial value.

Our Mission

Our mission is to stay on top of legal trends while providing optimum service and being a safe place for our clients be vulnerable in their pursuit of building their brand and business. 

Our Values

We believe that entrepreneurs and small business owners are the backbone of the economy. As we provide guidance and support to these individuals and companies it is our responsibility to not only stay on top of new business and branding developments but to also study those practices that have been proven to stand the course of time. To help our clients succeed will become accountability partners when needed, provide dependable, through, efficient and exceptional service at all times. Communication is the foundation of all relationships therefore we will not speak legalize to our clients. Instead we will communicate with our clients in a language that they understand so they can make informed decisions as it pertains to their business. We are committed to the success of not only our clients but the community and it's future leaders, business owners and entrepreneurs as well.