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How to make the most of your viral hashtag using trademarks

All it takes is one good hit to go viral but how do you make sure you’re the only one benefiting from your success? While hashtags by themselves aren’t trademarks, there is one thing you can do transform your viral hashtag into intellectual property.

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What’s the Deal with Trademarks Alphabet

You see them everywhere but do thy mean? In this week’s Murray’s Law you’ll learn exactly what these symbols are and when to use them. ©™® Enter your text here…

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Contracts Matter: 3 Famous Businesses Who Unintentionally Loss Their Trademarks At The Stroke Of A Pen

What does a hamburger joint, cookie company, and BBQ stand have in common? They each had insanely popular and profitable brands that were unwittingly signed away—with the simple stroke of a pen.Hamburger JointMcDonalds was created in 1940 by two brothers, Richard and Maurice McDonald. They were at the forefront of change in the restaurant business.…

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Legal Pop: Remy Ma vs. Nicki Minja Part 2, The Ramifications Of Using A GhostWriter

              Last week we discussed the Remy Ma vs. Nicki Minja situation. We analyzed the ramifications of a 360 deal and other matters that artist tend to overlook in their contracts.   Top 3 takeaways from the Remy Ma Nicki Minja rap drama Don’t come for anyone who knows all…

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Black Girl Magic, A Lesson In Trademark Restraints

    Black girls are magic…period! It’s not a question or an opinion.  It’s fact. We are strong, brilliant, courageous, caring and nurturing. There’s a movement going on and as a black girl who grew up without recognizing how truly beautiful, smart, and worthy she was and as a mother of three extremely amazing girls…

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