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Murray’s Law: How Do I Transfer My Business To A Benefactor

Hello and welcome to another episode of Murray’s Law. This is the time where I answer questions submitted by our viewers relating to legal side of business, business tools, tech, mindset, whatever you need to run a better business. Keep in mind that my answers are not legal advice and do not form any type…

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Murray’s Law: What is a DBA?

Dba stands for doing business as. You use this whenever the name you use for business is different from the name you told the state you were doing business as. It does not replace an LLC but your llc can have a dba. For example, if you told the state you were doing business as…

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Murray’s Law: State vs Federal Trademark, Which Does Your Business Need?

Today’s question tackles a challenge many businesses face, what is the best way to protect my brand?  Should I simply register my name with my Secretary of State’s office? What is a state trademark anyway and do I need that in addition to a federal trademark.  Attorney clears up the confusion in today’s episode of…

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When Is Imitation Infringement?

Whe​n Is Imitation Infringement?Over the last few weeks, I was sent two different instances of mainstream, big dollar entities content that bared an eerie resemblance to work created by two different incredible brilliant creative artists. Happenstance?While many people believe that imitation is the best form of flattery, many artists across the world adamantly disagree. Their…

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Contracts Matter: 3 Famous Businesses Who Unintentionally Loss Their Trademarks At The Stroke Of A Pen

What does a hamburger joint, cookie company, and BBQ stand have in common? They each had insanely popular and profitable brands that were unwittingly signed away—with the simple stroke of a pen.Hamburger JointMcDonalds was created in 1940 by two brothers, Richard and Maurice McDonald. They were at the forefront of change in the restaurant business.…

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