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Murray’s Law: How Do I Transfer My Business To A Benefactor

Hello and welcome to another episode of Murray’s Law. This is the time where I answer questions submitted by our viewers relating to legal side of business, business tools, tech, mindset, whatever you need to run a better business. Keep in mind that my answers are not legal advice and do not form any type…

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Legal Pop: Remy Ma vs. Nicki Minja Part 2, The Ramifications Of Using A GhostWriter

              Last week we discussed the Remy Ma vs. Nicki Minja situation. We analyzed the ramifications of a 360 deal and other matters that artist tend to overlook in their contracts.   Top 3 takeaways from the Remy Ma Nicki Minja rap drama Don’t come for anyone who knows all…

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Remy Ma vs Nicki Minja: What’s A 360 Deal?

Remy Ma fired shots and many people don’t believe that Nicki Minja can recover. The SHether diss track is a response to Nicki’s recently released verses here and here that came directly for her. I’ll admit, I wasn’t really interested in what either of them had to say BUT I had to see what the…

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Trademarks and Copyrights: What You Always Wanted To Know

    Oftentimes small and new business owners don’t know what they should do with their new ideas, products, or inventions. Most do not know the difference between trademarks and copyrights. Even fewer know how their business can benefit from registration of both. Below are a few questions I have regarding the use of trademarks…

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Kevin Hart and Sony: How Sony Failed Business Basics 101

  Over the last week or so I’ve heard about the Sony email hack but wasn’t interested enough to read any of the articles on the matter. That is until I saw an article stating that Sony executives referred to Kevin Hart as a “money whore.” Interesting. Especially considering that Sony and Kevin have worked…

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