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Murray’s Law: How Do I Transfer My Business To A Benefactor

Hello and welcome to another episode of Murray’s Law. This is the time where I answer questions submitted by our viewers relating to legal side of business, business tools, tech, mindset, whatever you need to run a better business. Keep in mind that my answers are not legal advice and do not form any type…

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Remy Ma vs Nicki Minja: What’s A 360 Deal?

Remy Ma fired shots and many people don’t believe that Nicki Minja can recover. The SHether diss track is a response to Nicki’s recently released verses here and here that came directly for her. I’ll admit, I wasn’t really interested in what either of them had to say BUT I had to see what the…

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What You Should Know About Copyrights To Prevent Your Site From Being Shutdown

If you are in business chances are your marketing plan includes some sort of social media. Your social media goals include increasing your following and interaction on these platforms. You know the importance of building your email list so that you can stay connected to your followers on your own terms. For many the disabling…

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Increase Your Business’ Revenue By Licensing Its Trademarks/Copyrights

Yes you read that correctly.  The brand that you built and protected can be used to increase your bottom line in a way that you probably weren’t aware of.  One of the purposes of branding is to connect with a select group of consumers in such a way that invokes customer loyalty.  This is the…

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Intellectual Property Accounts for Over Half the Value of Publicly Traded Companies in the U.S

The Economist, London based business magazine, found that up to 75% of the value of publicly traded companies in the United States is based solely on its intellectual property. Intellectual property, which is defined as products of the mind, is composed of trademarks, patents, copyrights, and trade secrets. The power of intellectual property is not…

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