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Murray’s Law: Can I trademark a name so that other people won’t use it and I can save it for later?

Video TranscriptToday’s Murray’s Law is an excellent question. Can I trademark a name so that other people won’t use it and I can save it for later? While I save it for later? So can I take this name, can I register for a trademark just so I can take it off the market? And…

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Murray’s Law: Do I Need A Trademark Before I Start My Business

Do I need a trademark before starting my business. Listen I know that when most of us start our businesses funds sacred and every penny must be accounted for. You can put your goods and services into the market before you have secured your trademark but you must understand how trademarks work to avoid unintentionally…

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Government Shutdown, Now What

We’ve found ourselves in the third government shutdown of 2018. With hundreds of thousands of federal trademark applications filed this year, the shutdown leaves thousands of applicants asking…  “what will happen to my application during the shutdown?”  Per During a government shut down USPTO will continue to function as normal for a period of time. This…

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Murray’s Law: State vs Federal Trademark, Which Does Your Business Need?

Today’s question tackles a challenge many businesses face, what is the best way to protect my brand?  Should I simply register my name with my Secretary of State’s office? What is a state trademark anyway and do I need that in addition to a federal trademark.  Attorney clears up the confusion in today’s episode of…

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When Is Imitation Infringement?

Whe​n Is Imitation Infringement?Over the last few weeks, I was sent two different instances of mainstream, big dollar entities content that bared an eerie resemblance to work created by two different incredible brilliant creative artists. Happenstance?While many people believe that imitation is the best form of flattery, many artists across the world adamantly disagree. Their…

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