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Murray’s Law: Do I Need A Trademark Before I Start My Business

Do I need a trademark before starting my business. Listen I know that when most of us start our businesses funds sacred and every penny must be accounted for. You can put your goods and services into the market before you have secured your trademark but you must understand how trademarks work to avoid unintentionally infringing on someone’s trademark, which could result in spending additional money to rebrand or worse legal action. It’s important to have an understanding of trademarks before you start your business so you know your rights and how to protect them even if you don’t have a registered trademark. 

If you want to protect your brand but aren’t financially ready to invest in a federally registered trademark you should definitely purchase the Ultimate Trademark Blueprint. I personally created this course that walks you through the ends and outs of trademarks so that you are in a better position to protect your brand until you get your funds together. As bonus, everyone that enrolls in the course will get a free copy of my book, How to Protect Your Brand When You’re Just Starting Out And Low On Cash.