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How To Protect Your New Or Existing Clothing Line Using Trademarks and Copyrights

This week we posted an article on which discusses how to protect your clothing line using trademarks and copyrights.  If you haven’t heard of it is a knowledge sharing community. You can find information on just about anything but today you can learn how to protect your clothing line. Save it, download it, and share…

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Using Non-Traditional Methods To Distinguish Your Brand

Creating a brand encompasses more than coming up with great logo.  Some of the most popular brands are recognized for characteristics other than their names. Take note and consider non-traditional methods of creating a new brand or rebranding an existing one.

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What successful business owners understand about trademarks

What Successful Business Owners Understand About Trademarks

      The average business owner believes that registered trademarks provides  legal protection which is only reserved for “Big Business.” Successful business owners however understand that trademarks not only provide legal protection for their business but also increase the business’s financial value by validating and establishing the brand to their customers.  Don’t take my word for it, below are four (4) facts…

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Who owns the copyright

Who Owns The Copyright? A Guide To Working With Graphic Designers

Working with graphic designers is a common practice amongst many companies and entrepreneurs. Let’s say you open a new restaurant and decide you want to get a logo and some menus created; you meet with the designer, come up with some awesome ideas, and they get to work executing the finished project. You absolutely love…

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Three Valuable Business Lessons I Learned From USA Network’s New Television Drama Rush

USA aired the pilot for it’s new summer drama Rush Thursday, July 17, 2014.  In the drama actor Tom Ellis plays Dr. William Rush, an drug addicted doctor who makes house calls to people with money who want to avoid publicizing their injuries.   Honestly, I had no intentions of getting caught up in another drama,…

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