Murray’s Law – Page 11 – Off the Mark
Who owns the copyright?

What Do Copyrights Protect?

Copyright laws protect original works of authorship. This work includes poems, songs, plays, music, and other artistic works. The work must have a tangible form to be protected. This protection is important because it gives the owner exclusive rights to: reproduce copies, prepare alternatives based off of the original  perform the work publicly, display the…

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The Truth about Women Business Owners and Trademarks

When the recession hit in 2007 women took the devastating period as an opportunity to provide for their families while following their passions. Along with increase in female business owners came an increase in registered trademarks owned by women. The National Women’s Business Council1 commissioned a study in 2012 concerning women business owners and intellectual…

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University of Alabama Appeals Loss Of Trademark Dispute Over Houndstooth Pattern

The Challengers: In 2006 two University of Alabama football fans formed a company named Houndstooth Mafia. The two say that Houndstooth Mafia refers to their group of friends that are also Alabama football fans or Alabama football fans in general. After selling houndstooth pattern t-shirts with the phrase “Houndstooth Mafia” while tailgating, the company applied…

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Michael Jackson’s Hologram Billboard Music Performance, the Show that Almost Wasn’t

Everyone is talking about Michael Jackson’s Billboard Music Award Performance from last night. Although the iconic performer is deceased that didn’t prevent him from dancing and moonwalking across our screens and giving the performance of his “life”. We can thank Judge Dawson from the United States District Court of Nevada for being able to witness…

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How Your Business Can Benefit From A Registered Trademark

You’ve spent hours upon hours developing the perfect logo for your company. You have researched what colors say about your business to ensure that you are portraying the image you want to your customers and even tested multiple taglines until you found the right one. You created the perfect packaging that’s unique to your product.…

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