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30 Days ‘Til Launch: Business and Legal Basics Handbook

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Have you ever imagined

  • Owning a business of your own?
  • Being your own boss?
  • Making money by doing what you love?

That’s what many people dream about, but where do you start? You know that you’re great at your primary service, but running your own company also requires solid knowledge of legal and business basics. Where do you get that knowledge, if you don’t have the funds for experts or the time to study both business and law? 30 Days ‘Till Launch provides the information you need to know about the fundamentals of owning your own business, whether you are just starting out or have been in business for a while but find yourself stuck.

30 Days ‘Till Launch is straight to the point, with no fluff or fillers. You can read it quickly and get an excellent overview of everything you need to consider before starting your business, or immediately find exactly the information you’re looking for, be it planning, contracts, copyright ownership, or any other matter. Starting your own business, becoming your own boss, and making money by doing what you love doesn’t have to remain just a nice dream. You can do it, too, and 30 Days ‘Till Launch can help.

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Written in layman’s terms, this book will teach you about creating an effective business plan, identifying your intellectual property, using contracts to protect your business and brand, the importance of business insurance, and much, much more.

  • Ronnika J. Williams says:

    I’ve never read a thorough step-by-step guide until 30 days til Launch! Anddddd it’s written by a trusted Lawyer in her field. I was introduced to Laconya on Periscope when she provided tips on trademark and patenting your idea. I knew I had to get her book, and so happy I did.

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