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If you need clarity in your business and want to make sure you business and personal assets are protected, we HIGHLY recommend the 30 Days ‘Til Launch Bundle.  This incredible bundle was written specifically with you in mind.  It includes the Amazon best seller in two categories; Starting a Business and Women in Business, 30 Days ‘Til Launch: A Checklist of Legal and Business Basics Every Entrepreneur Should Know Before They Open Their Doors AND the highly requested follow up 30 Days ‘Til Launch: Business Plan Workbook.

As a new and often times existing business owner a struggle exist with know what you need to do to protect yourself and your business for liabilities and lawsuits. Our Business Basics Handbook provides excellent insight on this challenge. From business plans to contracts, to identifying and protecting your intellectual property. 30 Days ‘Til Launch is an amazing resource for those looking to make sure they have their i’s doted and t’s crossed before launch.

Attorney Murray absolutely believes that as a business owner it is essential that you know your business. You should know what problem you’re solving, who has this problem, how much it cost to provide the solution, how much to charge for the solution, and more.  The Business Plan Workbook walks you through asking questions you’ve never thought to ask with the purpose of helping you create a sustainable and scalable business.

At ther completion of this amazing workbook you will have developed your
– company profile
– management profile
– marketing matters
– operational plan
– financials
– and executive summary

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