Should I Trademark My Brand’s Logo or Name? 

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As a business owner, you’re faced with countless decisions every day. Among the most critical is how to protect your brand’s identity. The question often arises: should you trademark your logo or your name? The answer is not an either-or proposition but a matter of comprehensive protection and strategic prioritization.  

Trademarking Your Name 

Your brand’s name is the cornerstone of your identity, the word that customers use to refer to your products or services. Trademarking your name grants you exclusive rights and prevents others from using a similar name that could cause confusion. It’s often the first step in building a legal fort around your brand. 

Trademarking Your Logo 

A logo is a visual symbol of your brand, embodying its essence in a design. It’s a powerful tool for brand recognition and differentiation. Trademarking your logo protects its unique graphic elements and ensures that your visual identity remains exclusively yours. 

The Power of Comprehensive Protection 

Trademarking both your name and logo offers a dual layer of protection. It ensures that your brand is safeguarded in its entirety, both in word and image. This comprehensive approach to trademarking can deter infringement and strengthen your brand’s position in the market.  

Protecting all aspects of your brand—from the name to the logo to the tagline—is akin to building a fort that shields your brand on all sides. The more elements you protect, the stronger your brand’s legal defense becomes. It’s about creating a robust portfolio of trademarks that work together to safeguard your brand’s entire identity.   

Strategic Prioritization 

When resources are limited, prioritization becomes key. Start with the most unique aspect of your brand, which is often the name. Consider what would impact your brand the most if it were used by someone else. Over time, as your brand grows and your budget allows, you can expand your trademark protections to cover more elements. 


Both your brand’s name and logo are integral to your brand identity and warrant trademark protection. At Off the Mark we guide our clients through this nuanced process, ensuring their brand stands strong against competitors and remains legally secure. Remember, building a business, growing your brand, and owning your genius is not an either-or question—it’s about comprehensive protection and strategic action.  

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