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Podcast Episode 07: Soulja Boy Cannot Copyright His “Superman” Dance
Although free to use, Fornite charges users for everything else in the game including popular dance moves. They call the[...]
Podcast Episode 05: Consent People Consent
In today's episode, Attorney Murray discusses Fashion Nova's 4 attempts to register trademarks on the reality star turn rapper Cardi[...]
Podcast Episode 03: WTF Procter and Gamble
Welcome to episode 3 of Off the Mark w/ Attorney. In today’s episode we are discussing Procter and Gamble’s latest[...]
Podcast Episode 02: Just Do It, Infringement or Satire?
Welcome to episode 3 of Off The Mark w/ Attorney LaConya Murray. Nike dropped a fire campaign last week showcasing[...]
Podcast Episode 01: Intro to Off The Mark w/ Attorney LaConya Murray
Hello and welcome to the first episode of Off The Mark w/Attorney LaConya Murray.This first episode is a brief introduction[...]