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Contracts Make Business Better

We have a saying, if it’s not in writing it won’t happen. Let Off the Mark help you protect your business and brand through custom contracts.


Why Written Contracts

Contracts are written agreements that should be used in every aspect of your business, to help clarify who owns work created on your behalf by a third party, how your intellectual property can be used, the nature of different relationships, and much more.

Because Boundaries are Bae

Clear Communication is Key

And No One Has Time for Their Money to be Funny

I am starting a business and am working with a 3rd party for designs. I contacted LaConya to ask her to draft a copyright assignment but she ended up doing so much more than that. Not only did she produce the document, but she was also very passionate about educating me on the differences of copyright and trademark. She communicated legal terms in ways that were easy to understand. I was pleasantly surprised that beyond the scope of the document she also offered business advice. This is my first business but Connie is experienced and has had business before. I trust her input and will be building a professional relationship with her in the future.
New Business Owner

A Few Contracts we’ve previously drafted

Confidentiality Agreement

Virtual Assistant Agreement

Independent Contractor Agreement

Service Provider agreement




Contracts for your business

Custom Contracts in 3 Easy Steps!

Have a contract that needs to be reviewed? We help with that too.



We’ll begin with a 10-minute  discovery call to determine your specific contract needs.



You’ll receive an intake form during the onboarding stage to provide the necessary information for our team to begin written your contract.



After we’ve completed the first draft we will forward it for your review. Our team will make the necessary changes to get it right. 

Contracts are an integral part of all businesses since various business transactions occur on any given day, and contracts make it possible to actualize them. While verbal agreements are equally valid and enforceable, it is more difficult to prove the details or determine the specificities of the agreement at a later time. This can give rise to several complexities and inconsistencies.

Contracts can serve multiple purposes for a business. You can get a business contract template or have a business contract attorney in Alabama draft a legally binding contract to ensure successful business deals. Not only can contracts ensure that their terms bind the parties to an agreement, but they also serve as valid proof, part of a business’s policies, a resource for future reference, a protective measure for both parties involved, and more. In other words, contracts are vital to operating a business successfully.

At Off the Mark IP Solutions, our business contract attorneys understand the challenges you face in setting up your business and are adept at catering to your contract-related requirements. If you are looking for business contract lawyers in Alabama, reach out to us for your legal needs. From confidentiality agreements and business contracts for the partnership to independent contractor agreements and service provider agreements, we are your go-to Alabama law firm for your business contract requirements. 

Several types of business contract templates are available, and you can choose one that suits your requirements best. On the other hand, if you need your contracts to incorporate business needs or terms that are more specific to your business, our business contract lawyers can draft them for you from scratch. 

Business Contract Services In Alabama by Off The Mark

Off the Mark IP Solutions provides custom contracts that cater specifically to the unique needs of your business. We understand the crucial role contracts play in your business, help you grasp the nuances, and ensure your contracts have terms that best serve your interests. As a leading provider of
business contract solutions in Alabama, we are well-equipped with the know-how of the latest developments and practices in the field and offer you relevant advice.

A wide range of potential legal difficulties might emerge from business contracts if they aren’t well-drafted. The legal duties of one party to the other are typically laid out in extremely technical terms in commercial contracts. As a result, it is highly recommended that you seek the advice of an Alabama contract drafting attorney if you are experiencing any difficulties with a contract. 

Off the Mark IP Solutions offers specialized business contract services in Alabama for assistance in drafting, reviewing, and understanding such agreements. 

How Businesses Benefit From Well-Drafted Business Contracts

Contracts are crucial in business because they spell out each party’s responsibilities, provide recourse if any expectations aren’t fulfilled, and establish definite prices and payment terms. Well-drafted
business contracts protect your interests and define obligations. 

They can potentially be the cornerstone of successful business relationships and shape every aspect of your business. Using a business contract template or having a contract drafting attorney in Alabama prepare an official written contract for you is crucial if you are preparing to operate a start-up or are ready to get into any form of deal with a person or business. 

Documentary proof: One of the main reasons you need a written contract for your new business is so that you have legal evidence of the specifics of what you and the other party agreed upon. It establishes the final terms of the agreement between the two parties. 

Clarity: When a business offers recurring subscription services and digital products, hires contractors, or enters into a business contract for partnership, a written business contract can be a make-or-break factor. It ensures that all parties involved have had an opportunity to review and comprehend the terms, that were mutually agreed upon, and that both parties are obliged to abide by the same. 

Protection: A written business contract makes it possible to establish clear boundaries and set expectations. You can have peace of mind knowing that the terms of a written contract protect you. A formal employment contract, for instance, spells out the rights and responsibilities of both the employer and the employee and the financial and legal framework of their working relationship. Non-disclosure and confidentiality clauses in written contracts are another example in this context. They are also a significant advantage in business dealings. 

Business Contract Templates and Custom Contracts

Off the Mark IP Solutions is an
Alabama law firm providing you with the necessary support for drafting and reviewing business contracts in Alabama.  Subscribing to our legal subscription gives you access to The Template Suite. It is our easily accessible library of business contract templates so that you can save time and money. Lawyer-drafted business contract templates can be especially beneficial for solopreneurs and those who just started their businesses since they are accessible and less expensive. In case of more complex and specific business needs, however, you can consult our Alabama business contract lawyers to help you draft custom contracts. 

Set up a consultation call with Off the Mark IP Solutions to better understand your contract needs and know more about the types of contracts you require for your business. Our qualified, experienced business contract lawyers in Alabama will provide you with the guidance you need and offer their expert contract drafting and reviewing services. Let us help you protect your business and brand. 

common questions

Off the Mark believes in letting the dancers dance and the singers sing.  Our trademark registration service includes:

  • a comprehensive trademark clearance search
  • preparing and filing of the trademark application with the UnitedStates Patent and Trademark Office
  • Responding to any office actions that may be issued against the application
  • the filing fee for one mark in one class

Our trademark registration service is designed to allow our clients to operate in their realm of genius while we operate in ours.

When you work with Off the Mark you can expect to make informed decisions because education is the foundation of our business. We take our time to educate each of our clients on the trademark process and what to expect. 

While working with us you can also expect competent service based on our almost 10 years of experience, timely communication, and a team that truly cares about the success of your business.

The trademark clearance search is a vital part of the trademark registration process. We cannot confidently file a trademark application without performing an in-house trademark clearance search For this reason we do not offer a trademark application only service.

No. The need for a profitable business prior to federal registration is a common misconception. Your business does not have to make money before you file for federal trademark registration.  Despite what you see on social media, going from launch to profit can take time. If you wait until your business is profitable you risk additional legal fees to protect your brand.

Yes.  Although trademark rights do not exist until the trademark is used to identify a good or service in commerce if you have a bona fide intent to use the trademark in commerce you can protect the mark. It is important for new businesses to take advantage of this.

Unfortunately, the process of starting a business has many steps and can take anywhere from a few months to a few years to go from conception to launch. Filing an intent to use trademark application can protect your brand during this phase and prevent you from having to rebrand for legal reasons down the road.

ABSOLUTELY! During the application process the USPTO will search their database for not just same but also similar trademarks in the same or related industry. If there is a conflict your application will be denied and your investment will go down the drain. A trademark clearance search is designed to find potential conflicts prior to filing the application to allow us to strategically prepare your application for registration.

It depends. If you have a hobby rather than a business the investment may not make sense. However, if you are building a business that provides a good or service in commerce a federal registered trademark is an investment that 

  • will help protect your unique presence in your market
  • can increase the overall value of your brand. McDonald’s brand value is approximately $150 billion dollars. 
  • can be used a collateral in the future
  • can be used to create an additional stream of revenue through licensing

Off the Mark trademark registration service is an all inclusive service offered at a flat fee rate. This means no surprise fees during the registration process. 

Our fee varies depending on our client’s needs which are accessed during the consultation process.

The trademark registration process can take anywhere from 9 months to 3 years depending on the type of application filed and whether any office actions are issued.  Fortunately, your protection starts from the time your application is filed. 

  • Once your application is filed it will sit in the USPTO database for 6-7 months before it is assigned to an examining attorney.
  • Once the application is assigned to an examining attorney they will review the application. If the find any issues with the application they will issue a non-final office action. You will have 6 months to respond. Your response will either be accepted or another office action will be issued.
  • If the issues are resolved or if there are no issues, your application will be published to the public for 30 days. If a third party believes the registration of your mark will harm their trademark they can object to the registration.
  • If there are no objections your application will either 1. go into final review before registration or 2. be issued a Notice of Allowance depending on the type of application filed.


Your trademark protection will last as long as you are using the trademark in commerce. To maintain your trademark registration the USPTO requires maintenance or proof that you are still using the trademark in commerce. Trademark maintenance is due between year 5 and 6 after the initial registration then between year 9-10 after the initial registration. Maintenance is due every 10 years after that. Off the Mark can help you maintain your trademark registration.

Our office is located in Montgomery, Al. Although we are Alabama trademark attorneys, we serve clients throughout the United States.  

While LegalZoom may seem to be a viable solution for trademark registration it’s important to note that the people at LegalZoom are not attorneys. In most instances working with them involves completing a questionnaire without speaking to anyone. If your business can benefit from legal advice and support during the trademark process hire Off the Mark. In addition, while the additional fee may be low, LegalZoom is known for charging additional fees during the process.  There are no surprise fees at Off the Mark. Learn more about hiring our team versus LegalZoom here.

Yes, unless we have previously discuss your trademark needs. Our consultations our designed to answer your questions, education you on the trademark process, identify your intellectual property, and develop a strategy to protect it. The consultation fee is taken into consideration in the overall trademark registration fee.

Still not convinced? Check out this video.

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