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You used your education and experience to create some dope stuff but that's not enough. Your curriculum, frameworks, and content deserved to be protected. Our copyright service allows subject matter experts to do exactly that.


Copyrights protect original work that is in a fixed tangible form. It allows the owner from excluding others from using their work without permission. This creates the opportunity for the copyright owner to earn revenue as a result of their creative work.  At Off the Mark IP Solutions, we offer copyright registration services to help you safeguard your creative work and maximize your benefits.

Benefits of Registered Copyrights for Business Owners:

Public Ownership: Registering a copyright provides a public record of ownership, which is crucial for establishing legal ownership and protecting against infringement. 

Exclusive Rights: Copyright grants the owner exclusive rights to use, display, reproduce, perform, and distribute copies of the work. This helps to control how the work is used and ensures that the owner can benefit financially from their creation. 

Legal Protection: With a registered copyright, the owner has a legal basis to take action against infringement. This can include pursuing legal remedies and potentially seeking damages if someone uses the work without permission.

Nationwide Coverage: Copyright registration typically provides protection throughout the country, which can be particularly beneficial for businesses looking to expand nationally. 

Deterrence: A registered copyright acts as a deterrent to others who may consider using a similar work, thus protecting the owner’s investment in their creative endeavors.

Financial Benefit: Copyright registration can create an opportunity for the owner to earn revenue from their creative work, whether through sales, licensing, or other forms of monetization

Asset Value Enhancement: Registering a copyright can enhance the value of the creative work, making it a more attractive asset for business deals, investments, or even sale.

Our copyright registration services make it easy for you to seek advice from anywhere and quickly get started on your copyright registration application. Our legal experts will work closely with you to provide customized strategic inputs to protect your content and benefit from it too.

Don’t leave your creative work vulnerable to theft and misuse. Contact us today to learn more about our copyright registration services and how we can help you protect your business.

Examples of what is protected by copyrights from a business point of view include:

common questions

Off the Mark believes in letting the dancers dance and the singers sing.  Our trademark registration service includes:

  • a comprehensive trademark clearance search
  • preparing and filing of the trademark application with the UnitedStates Patent and Trademark Office
  • Responding to any office actions that may be issued against the application
  • the filing fee for one mark in one class

Our trademark registration service is designed to allow our clients to operate in their realm of genius while we operate in ours.

When you work with Off the Mark you can expect to make informed decisions because education is the foundation of our business. We take our time to educate each of our clients on the trademark process and what to expect. 

While working with us you can also expect competent service based on our almost 10 years of experience, timely communication, and a team that truly cares about the success of your business.

The trademark clearance search is a vital part of the trademark registration process. We cannot confidently file a trademark application without performing an in-house trademark clearance search For this reason we do not offer a trademark application only service.

No. The need for a profitable business prior to federal registration is a common misconception. Your business does not have to make money before you file for federal trademark registration.  Despite what you see on social media, going from launch to profit can take time. If you wait until your business is profitable you risk additional legal fees to protect your brand.

Yes.  Although trademark rights do not exist until the trademark is used to identify a good or service in commerce if you have a bona fide intent to use the trademark in commerce you can protect the mark. It is important for new businesses to take advantage of this.

Unfortunately, the process of starting a business has many steps and can take anywhere from a few months to a few years to go from conception to launch. Filing an intent to use trademark application can protect your brand during this phase and prevent you from having to rebrand for legal reasons down the road.

ABSOLUTELY! During the application process the USPTO will search their database for not just same but also similar trademarks in the same or related industry. If there is a conflict your application will be denied and your investment will go down the drain. A trademark clearance search is designed to find potential conflicts prior to filing the application to allow us to strategically prepare your application for registration.

It depends. If you have a hobby rather than a business the investment may not make sense. However, if you are building a business that provides a good or service in commerce a federal registered trademark is an investment that 

  • will help protect your unique presence in your market
  • can increase the overall value of your brand. McDonald’s brand value is approximately $150 billion dollars. 
  • can be used a collateral in the future
  • can be used to create an additional stream of revenue through licensing

Off the Mark trademark registration service is an all inclusive service offered at a flat fee rate. This means no surprise fees during the registration process. 

Our fee varies depending on our client’s needs which are accessed during the consultation process.

The trademark registration process can take anywhere from 9 months to 3 years depending on the type of application filed and whether any office actions are issued.  Fortunately, your protection starts from the time your application is filed. 

  • Once your application is filed it will sit in the USPTO database for 6-7 months before it is assigned to an examining attorney.
  • Once the application is assigned to an examining attorney they will review the application. If the find any issues with the application they will issue a non-final office action. You will have 6 months to respond. Your response will either be accepted or another office action will be issued.
  • If the issues are resolved or if there are no issues, your application will be published to the public for 30 days. If a third party believes the registration of your mark will harm their trademark they can object to the registration.
  • If there are no objections your application will either 1. go into final review before registration or 2. be issued a Notice of Allowance depending on the type of application filed.


Your trademark protection will last as long as you are using the trademark in commerce. To maintain your trademark registration the USPTO requires maintenance or proof that you are still using the trademark in commerce. Trademark maintenance is due between year 5 and 6 after the initial registration then between year 9-10 after the initial registration. Maintenance is due every 10 years after that. Off the Mark can help you maintain your trademark registration.

Our office is located in Montgomery, Al. Although we are Alabama trademark attorneys, we serve clients throughout the United States.  

While LegalZoom may seem to be a viable solution for trademark registration it’s important to note that the people at LegalZoom are not attorneys. In most instances working with them involves completing a questionnaire without speaking to anyone. If your business can benefit from legal advice and support during the trademark process hire Off the Mark. In addition, while the additional fee may be low, LegalZoom is known for charging additional fees during the process.  There are no surprise fees at Off the Mark. Learn more about hiring our team versus LegalZoom here.

Yes, unless we have previously discuss your trademark needs. Our consultations our designed to answer your questions, education you on the trademark process, identify your intellectual property, and develop a strategy to protect it. The consultation fee is taken into consideration in the overall trademark registration fee.

Still not convinced? Check out this video.

Our Process

With Off the Mark IP Solutions registering your copyright is a simple and straightforward process.  Our team of experts will guide you through the entire process, from creating your portfolio to filling out the application to submitting it to the United States Copyright Office and communicating with their office during the process. We will ensure that your application is complete and accurate, increasing the chances of a successful registration.  Our process is designed to be seamless and efficient. It begins with a discovery call to understand your copyright needs, followed by an onboarding stage where we gather all the necessary details from you regarding your original work. Our experts then meticulously prepare your copyright application. We communicate closely with you to provide timely updates and the United States Copyright Office regarding any questions they may have about the application.


We’ll begin with a 10-minute discovery call to determine your specific copyright needs.


You’ll receive an intake form during the onboarding stage to provide the necessary information for our team to begin preparing your copyright application.


After filing your copyright application, there is a waiting period while the United States Copyright Office reviews it. During this time we will provide timely updates regarding your application's progress.

The Importance of Copyright Registration

Registering your copyright provides you with a public record of your ownership and makes it easier to take legal action against infringers. In the event of a dispute, a registered copyright serves as prima facie evidence of ownership, making it easier to prove your case in court. Additionally, registration allows you to seek statutory damages and attorney’s fees in the event of infringement, providing you with greater protection and peace of mind.

Don’t leave your creative work unprotected. Contact Off the Mark IP Solutions today to learn more about our copyright registration online services and how we can help you safeguard your intellectual property.

Client Testimonials

Gabriella Calvanese
Gabriella Calvanese
I am so grateful for all of LaConya’s help! She helped me with a letter I received and I was so confused! She revoked the letter for me and gave advice. Thank you again !
Evan Milligan
Evan Milligan
Our company receives IP services from Off the Mark. We are very pleased with their customer service skills, especially the frequent and proactive nature of communication. Their staff keep us well informed about next steps, and all documents are managed via a user friendly platform. They do what they say they will do, and make it simple to monitor the process.
Malliron Hodge
Malliron Hodge
It has been an honor and pleasure working with LaConya and her team. They provide proactive and constant communication. I highly recommend any small business and/or entrepreneur to utilize their services immediately!
Mary Walton
Mary Walton
I solicited trademark services from Off the Mark IP Solutions at a very important time of transition. Attorney LaConya Murray was referred to me and I reached out. I received an immediate and personal response of accommodation. Within days, I’d had a consultation and began the process of trademarking my brand. My experience included detailed information and the most professional and timely assistance. I’d confidently refer Off the Mark IP Solutions to anyone in need.
Shelene Giles
Shelene Giles
I am a small business owner and met Attorney LaConya Murray at a nursing conference. She carved out time during this busy conference to discuss some questions/concerns that I had regarding a lawsuit against my company. The lawsuit was dismissed, but I was concerned this may resurface. I was impressed by her knowledge and generosity to share - so my company retained LaConya. Since retaining LaConya, we have had many discussions about how to protect & grow the business the right way. I've recently been presented with a business merger and immediately involved LaConya in this discussion. Knowing LaConya is in my corner, she has given me such peace of mind and confidence when running my company and negotiating with other businesses. You are definitely missing the mark - not having LaConya (or an attorney) in your corner to be your guide and advocate.
NOLA Event Planners - Production, Planning and Design
NOLA Event Planners - Production, Planning and Design
Laconya is amazing! She is informative and honest. This is the first attorney that I have hired that I actually trust with my business. Her knowledge and advice to small business owners is like no other. I didn't always have the best experience with other business attorneys. I don't feel like just another client. She is an excellent resource for business operations. She has saved me from some major business mistakes. She is worth the investment and is an asset to my business. I highly recommend Off The Mark IP Solutions for established and start up companies.
Kim Rose Dietitian
Kim Rose Dietitian
Initially, I was hesitant to sign up, but I took a leap of faith and decided to go with Attorney Murray because of her caring, communicative, and friendly. She provided legal information about the avenue best for me in my business practice. Now I am more competent and confident I can move forward scaling my business in a manner that is legally sound and helpful for my clients.
Barrett Vaughan
Barrett Vaughan
The Genius Insider program is one of the best and most cost-effective investments in legal services for a small business. By offering consultations, document review, and discounts on IP filings as services included with the program, The Genius Insider demonstrates the commitment made by Murray Law Group to build long-term, substantial relationships with entrepreneurs. Not only are the business and IP legal services available, but also the opportunity to gain from the experience of the senior partner, LaConya Murray, Esq, in an informal mentorship capacity. Great service, great savings, and great advice, this program offers it all!
Anwar Shahid
Anwar Shahid
Off the Mar Ip Solutions has been doing an awesome job and we appreciate the quick response and consulting! We are looking forward to working with them more in the future to fulfill our IP needs!

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Dispelling Common Copyright Myths

Dispelling Copyright Myths